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SWH is Asking the Locusts for Help

Trevor Williams, Lamar Jackson, and Zoom going down are up for this week.

Illinois v Penn State

Our weekly update on spring football plans:

Here’s a look at the current outlook for the potential winter/spring season.

January to March would be doable, it appears. This may reduce worry about overworking athletes for the 2021 fall campaigns. Also, I wouldn’t mind going to Indy or Detroit for a game...

Mark Wogenrich looks at the future of the Nittany Lions on the gridiron.

ESPN has updated their Position U rankings. Check them out to see where Penn State lands, and notice what other Big Ten school isn’t listed in a certain defensive least not yet.

In the professional ranks, could Trace McSorley see more playing time?

We can always hope, I suppose.

The Eagles have allegedly found a defensive back-and it’s a former Nittany Lion.

John Reid is certainly making a strong first impression with the Texans, while Marcus Allen continues to impress with the Steelers.

In non-sports news, a Penn State fraternity has already violated new university policy.

Anyone who has attended Penn State knows that some of kind of technical outage is almost a tradition at some point in the semester, but this year outages really can’t afford to happen.

The Philadelphia Inquirer looks at the viability of local businesses as the semester begins.

Oh, and just to make you think more about the end times, let’s talk about locusts. (Okay, maybe this is in a positive light.)