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BSD Roundtable: First Penn State Jersey You Owned

University of Illinois Fighting Illini vs Penn State Nittany Lions Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images

Another Friday, another BSD Roundtable. Today, we are asking: what number was the first Penn State jersey you owned?


I believe it was No. 8, at the time worn by Eric “Choo-Choo” McCoo.


I too was the owner of a No. 8 Eric McCoo jersey. I don’t remember exactly when I got it, but my first game was Michigan State 2000 and I definitely wore it for that game. I kept that sucker for most of the first half of the decade until a five-star freshman came along who wore No. 2.


The first Penn State jersey I owned came when back when I was in the 4th grade. That fall, I went as a Penn State football player for Halloween. The jersey number? Well, that was number 7. This was Halloween 2001, so, congrats Zack Mills on being the first PSU jersey I ever owned!


#7, for Zach Mills

Yes, I too am shocked that I never owned a jersey as a child.


#39, which was very obviously Curtis Enis. It was a birthday gift ahead of the ‘97 season and my freshman year of high school. I wore it to a game the following season in ‘98 and received a few rude remarks as some Penn State fans saw Enis as a villain for (GASP!) borrowing $400 from his agent to buy a suit to wear at the college football awards. I ended up getting a white #1 and blue #2 jersey later, which are much easier to re-purpose since they are common numbers and will last me forever since I only wear them a couple times each per year from the stands or sofa.

How about you, BSD reader? What was your first Penn State jersey?