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MMQB: Who Will Lead the Lions in Interceptions?

Someone’s going to make other QBs rather unhappy

Photo by Matthew Holst/Getty Images

Over the last few weeks we’ve looked at who might lead the Lions in receptions and tackles in 2019, but now we’re going to discuss interceptions. Who in the Blue and White is going to have the most INTs at the end of the season? Let’s discuss.

Tariq Castro-Fields

TCF seems like an obvious choice for this category. He was tied for the team lead in 2019 (with two), and is now the definitive #1 corner for the Lions. He may have had more, as at least one was called back on a penalty that I can remember. The biggest knock on TCF is that he doesn’t always get his eyes around to look for the ball. If he can try to spot the ball a bit more, this number should jump up.

Jaquan Brisker

Brisker was actually tied with TCF for the lead in INTs last year, including the dagger against Iowa, which led to the game-winning touchdown. His role as starter in centerfield means we should see him snag a few more in 2020.

Micah Parsons

Parsons did not record any interceptions in 2019, though he had a couple passes bounce of his hands in the Cotton Bowl. Still, the athletic freak should find himself in position on shallow routes to snag a few balls. If any LB leads the way in INTs, it’ll be Micah.

The Field

Beyond the frontrunners, a few other names come to mind. Lamont Wade had five defended passes in 2019. Marquis Wilson had two interceptions himself last season. Joey Porter Jr and Keaton Ellis both managed to defend some passes as well, and should see their roles in the secondary increase with experience.

What say you?