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SWH is Learning about Backup Quarterbacks

This week’s links debut on our new day!

Chicago Bears v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Adam Bettcher/Getty Images

News from the NFL:

Allen Robinson’s tweet are getting some attention. If he doesn’t get an extension, I would love if he made his way Northeast to a certain Big Blue franchise. Just saying... interviewed a few QB journeymen on life as a backup in the NFL.

Troy Apke has been named a starter for Washington’s secondary.


You may have seen this earlier in the week, but the New York Times explores the effect of no college football has had on Happy Valley. Try to ignore one quote in particular about loyalty.

Penn State’s food safety is making gains in the Ukraine.

Unsurprisingly, Penn State will continue to offer “flexible instruction modes” in 2021.

A College of Education professor talks about the impact of COVID on education. Several of us in the BSD world are educators, and we’ve certainly all seen and experienced a lot of changes to how we teach kids.

Penn State has been mentioned, directly or indirectly, in a lot of movies.

The PSU field hockey team continues to work towards a hopeful return in 2021.

If you missed the first game of our new series, check out our story on the victory over Nebraska in 1982. More of these classic victories, and some devastating losses are coming over the next few weeks.