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BSD’s 2020 College Football Prediction Game: Week Three

Clay is out to a big lead and isn’t looking back.

NCAA Football: Marshall at Cincinnati Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

It’s another week of college football but it also begins the countdown of weekends till Big Ten football returns. In our third week of our prediction game, we have five games on the docket.

In no order, those five games are;

Navy at Tulane (-7.5)

Can Navy bounce back following that trouncing by BYU?

USF at No.7 Notre Dame (-25.5)

Notre Dame picked up their first ACC win last weekend but their offense didn’t exactly look all that great, they’ll look to set the tone offensively against FSU.

No.24 App St (-7.5) at Marshall

App St is always everyone’s favorite G5 darling but this Marshall team looks pretty dangerous themselves.

No.17 Miami at No.18 Louisville (-2.5)

College Gameday will be in Louisville and thinks the 7:30 p.m ABC game. Will Manny Diaz and Miami pick up a big win in prime time or will Scott Satterfield have his Cardinals ready to go for a big season boosting victory?

UCF (-7.5) at Georgia Tech

Will UCF once again show the Power 5 they mean business or will Georgia Tech earn a second straight upset victory? (We’ll have our picks up here shortly as we had to do a late pivot following the cancellation of Houston at Baylor.)

All our lines for this weekend’s contests were per on Monday.


  1. Clay 34

2. Marty 21

3. Eli 16

T-4. Jared 13

T-4. Lando 13

6. Chris 11

7. Dylan 7

Let’s get into the predictions...

Navy at Tulane (-7.5)

Staff/Pick Straight Up ATS Score
Staff/Pick Straight Up ATS Score
Lando Navy Navy 20-17
Jared Navy Navy 21-17
Clay Navy Navy 24-20
Chrs Tulane Navy 31-24
Marty Tulane Tulane 28-14
Eli Tulane Tulane 28-17
Dylan Navy Navy 24-17
Consensus: Navy (4-3) Navy (5-2) 22.57-20.57 Tulane

USF at Notre Dame (-25.5)

Staff/Pick Straight Up ATS Score
Staff/Pick Straight Up ATS Score
Lando ND USF 31-10
Jared ND USF 38-17
Clay ND USF 34-10
Chrs ND ND 42-14
Marty ND USF 30-14
Eli ND USF 34-10
Dylan ND ND 38-10
Consensus: ND (7-0) USF (5-2) 35.28-12.14 ND

App St (-7.5) at Marshall

Staff/Pick Straight Up ATS Score
Staff/Pick Straight Up ATS Score
Lando APP ST Marshall 21-17
Jared APP ST APP ST 28-20
Clay APP ST Marshall 31-24
Chrs APP ST APP ST 38-24
Marty APP ST APP ST 38-25
Eli APP ST Marshall 27-20
Dylan APP ST Marshall 38-35
Consensus: APP ST (7-0) Marshall (4-3) 31.57-23.5 APP ST