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BSD Potpourri Vol 1.: Ort

Ort derives from Middle low German, and - in typical German fashion - was a compound word which meant food remains, or scraps. Today the word is only rarely used, and never used properly. The lone example of ort-usage comes from the hill-and-valley Appalachians of Pennsylvania, only spoken, never written, and is actually not “ort” at all, but a deformed version of “ought”, (e.g., “you ort-not write this blog”).

Merle Haggard was not from the hill and valley region of Pennsylvania, which is about the only strike against him. However, with a little aural creativity, you can hear Uncle Merle sing “gripin’ ‘bout the way things ort to be” in the Tube below.

Try it. It fits.

As we noted a few weeks ago, Micah Parsons brought some ultra-rare natural foosball abilities to the field. These abilities allowed the high school defensive end to lead the 2018 team in tackles as a part-time, 18-year old WILL linebacker. Because those abilities are so ultra-rare, they’ll be impossible to replace. But, we cannot adequately describe our excitement to see Jesse Luketa and Brandon Smith take their turns on the Beaver Stadium grass this year. Height, weight, speed, and violence will remain in abundance.

Not so long ago, the only option to fill a nail hole or a cracked piece of moulding was a gritty, sandy tub of crap called wood filler. Minwax, DAP - whoever made your particular tub was irrelevant, because they all stunk. It wasn’t really sandable, paintable, or stainable. It merely filled the hole or crack, and looked hideous. You knew this going in, and accepted it.

No longer, friends. If you haven’t yet tried Elmer’s Damaged Wood 2-part epoxy, you might want to damage some base board trim just to have some fun with this stuff. It blends perfectly, sands like a dream, and even takes stain. You really ort to go get yourself a box.