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Black Shoe Dege—Wait wrong game: BSD’s 2020 College Football Predictions Week 4

The SEC is now in the fold!

Miami v Louisville Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Welcome welcome welcome, to another edition of BSD’s newest, oldest game, weekly predictions! I’m subbing in for your regular host today, but fear not, Dylan will be back next week! With that out of the way, onto our regular programming!


Don’t put that evil on me.


As always in no particular order.

No. 24 Louisville at No. 21 Pitt (-3)

You know the lack of teams playing is blatant when Louisville, who just finished getting its head bashed in last week, still finds itself ranked No. 24. Can Pitt start 3-0 for the first time since I didn’t care enough to look it up?

Eli’s Pick: Pitt 31, Louisville 17
Lando’s Pick: Louisville 21, Pitt 14
Dylan’s Pick: Louisville 30, Pitt 23
Clay’s Pick: Louisville 34, Pitt 24
Chris’s Pick: Pitt 24, Louisville 20
Jared’s Pick: Louisville 23, Pitt 21
Marty’s Pick: Pitt 24, Louisville 21

No. 5 Florida (-14) at Ole Miss

Lane Kiffin is back in the SEC! This time he’s coaching the Ole Miss Rebels. Florida has all the hype coming into the season, and they get to prove the hype right away against the coach credited for bringing Alabama’s offense into the 21st (22nd?) century. Nice!

Eli’s Pick: Florida 45, Ole Miss 21
Lando’s Pick: Florida 28, Ole Miss 20
Dylan’s Pick: Florida 38, Ole Miss 17
Clay’s Pick: Florida 37, Ole Miss 21
Chris’s Pick: Florida 38, Ole Miss 28
Jared’s Pick: Florida 35, Ole Miss 21
Marty’s Pick: Florida 38, Ole Miss 21

Iowa State (-2.5) at TCU

We know nothing about TCU, but we do know Iowa State laid an absolute egg against Louisiana a few weeks ago. Some picked the Cyclones to compete for a Big 12 title, but those predictions may have been premature. They can’t be as bad as they showed against the Cajuns, however.

Eli’s Pick: TCU 35, Iowa State 31
Lando’s Pick: TCU 27, Iowa State 21
Dylan’s Pick: Iowa State 24, TCU 20
Clay’s Pick: TCU 24, Iowa State 23
Chris’s Pick: TCU 45, Iowa State 38
Jared’s Pick: TCU 40, Iowa State 35
Marty’s Pick: TCU 28, Iowa State 27

West Virginia at No. 15 Oklahoma State (-8.5)

Another example of “not enough teams so we may as well keep them where they are,” Oklahoma State held on for dear life against Tulsa a week ago. Will they need everything in their power to win this one, or will they use their offensive firepower to overwhelm a West Virginia team that didn’t look that bad in their opener?

Eli’s Pick: West Virginia 49, Oklahoma State 35
Lando’s Pick: Oklahoma State 28, West Virginia 21
Dylan’s Pick: Oklahoma State 31, West Virginia 24
Clay’s Pick: Oklahoma State 30, West Virginia 24
Chris’s Pick: Oklahoma State 35, West Virginia 28
Jared’s Pick: West Virginia 35, Oklahoma State 34
Marty’s Pick: Oklahoma State 35, West Virginia 20

No. 22 Army at No. 14 Cincinnati (-14)

Army is looking mighty fine again, and Cincinnati is not that bad either. This should be a pretty good game that may come down to the last possession.

Eli’s Pick: Cincinnati 21, Army 20
Lando’s Pick: Cincinnati 38, Army 20
Dylan’s Pick: Cincinnati 35, Army 17
Clay’s Pick: Cincinnati 28, Army 17
Chris’s Pick: Cincinnati 42, Army 17
Jared’s Pick: Cincinnati 28, Army 21
Marty’s Pick: Cincinnati 30, Army 14

Mississippi State at No. 6 LSU (-16.5)

The Air Raid offense makes its way to the SEC! There are few expectations for Mike Leach’s first year with the Bulldogs, which puts them in a perfect spot against an LSU team that lost an inordinate amount of talent (in both players and coaches) from last year’s national championship team. If anything, there will be points.

Eli’s Pick: LSU 34, Mississippi State 31
Lando’s Pick: LSU 31, Mississippi State 14
Dylan’s Pick: LSU 45, Mississippi State 24
Clay’s Pick: LSU 39, Mississippi State 28
Chris’s Pick: LSU 35, Mississippi State 21
Jared’s Pick: LSU 38, Mississippi State 21
Marty’s Pick: LSU 28, Mississippi State 17