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Meet The 2021 Class: OG Nate Bruce

Our breakdown continues with Nate Bruce.


BSD’s recruiting staff sat down for a roundtable on each prospect Penn State signed in the 2021 class. Coming in at No. 12 was three-star OG Nate Bruce.

What makes you excited about Nate Bruce?

“Bruce is a nasty guard that blocks until the whistle. You see throughout his highlights that he finishes his blocks by just laying on top of the guy; and more than likely, he is laughing while doing so. He’ll need to drop some extra weight (Penn State listed him at 330 pounds) but he’s got a massive frame, and is thick through his upper half to his lower half. Naturally strong kid with some true road grader potential, and he moves better than expected given his size.” --Patrick

What worries you about Nate Bruce?

“Bruce will need some time with Dwight Galt in the strength and conditioning program when he arrives on campus. Nate is a big, nasty dude, but he could afford to drop some extra weight and refine his body. While it is better than that of most high school offensive linemen, Bruce’s footwork could use some refining as well. If Bruce can trim down and improve his footwork, then he can be a good interior offensive lineman for the Nittany Lions in 2-3 years.” --Marty

Do you think Nate Bruce will be redshirted next season? Around what point of his career do you think he pushes for meaningful playing time?

“Bruce is almost a lock to redshirt. Penn State has decent guard depth already with guys like Miranda, Scruggs, Tengwall, Israel-Achumba and a couple others ahead of him and Bruce could use a year with Dwight Galt to reshape his body.” --Clay

What do you think is the most realistic outcome for Nate Bruce: depth provider, starter, multi-year starter, all-conference, or all-american?

Clay: Depth provider
Marty: Starter
Patrick: Depth provider

Lastly, where do you have Nate Bruce ranked in Penn State’s class?

Clay: 13th
Marty: 13th
Patrick: 8th