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Black Shoe Degenerates: Showdown In College Park

No. 5 Iowa visits Maryland in the Big Ten’s game of the week.

NCAA Football: Maryland at Iowa Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

As the non-conference games dwindle, the meat of the schedule is set to go! This week has a lot of matchups that looked great at the beginning of the season, and one, the highlight of the week, that no one thought would be between two undefeated teams! Let’s dive right in!

No. 5 Iowa (-3.5) at Maryland

Iowa refuses to play offense, while Maryland’s defense is actually decent this time around. On the other side of each respective team, the Hawkeyes have one of the best defenses in the country, while the Terps have one of the most explosive offenses. This may very well come down to whether Iowa can score on offense instead of relying on its defense to do the scoring for them.

Lando: Iowa 21, Maryland 17
Clay: Iowa 19 Maryland 13
Jared: Iowa 27, Maryland 17
Tim: Maryland 24, Iowa 20
Dylan: Maryland 23, Iowa 22
Eli: Iowa 17, Maryland 13

No. 14 Michigan at Wisconsin (-1)

Graham Mertz has not been good this season, but a lot has been made of his performance in the fourth quarter against Notre Dame. The fact that this line opened at -4, and the Michigan Man swung it all the way to Michigan -1.5 before settling at Wisconsin -1 tell you all you need to know about how this game will play out.

Lando: Michigan 28, Wisconsin 17
Clay: Michigan 20, Wisconsin 17
Jared: Michigan 17, Wisconsin 16
Tim: Michigan 20, Wisconsin 17
Dylan: Michigan 16, Wisconsin 13
Eli: Wisconsin 16, Michigan 13

Charlotte at Illinois (-11)

Yes, Illinois has not looked good after beating Nebraska, and this may very well be the last chance at a win before they face Northwestern to end the year, but I still think Illinois doesn’t have much trouble putting Charlotte away.

Lando: Illinois 38, Charlotte 10
Clay: Illinois 34, Charlotte 13
Jared: Illinois 27, Charlotte 21
Tim: Illinois 31, Charlotte 24
Dylan: Illinois 38, Charlotte 24
Eli: Illinois 31, Charlotte 10

Minnesota at Purdue (-2.5)

This may very well be an overreaction to last week, but Minnesota is looking all sorts of disheveled, in ways that Purdue is not. Not to mention, Purdue now has a defense to go along with their offensive prowess.

Lando: Minnesota 27, Purdue 24
Clay: Minnesota 23, Purdue 20
Jared: Minnesota 30, Purdue 20
Tim: Purdue 17, Minnesota 16
Dylan: Minnesota 27, Purdue 24
Eli: Purdue 21, Minnesota 14

No. 11 Ohio State (-15) at Rutgers

Is Michigan secretly bad or did Rutgers improve that much over the season? We’re going to find out right away, as Ohio State’s offense is still unstoppable, even if their defense is still a tire fire.

Lando: Ohio State 42, Rutgers 14
Clay: Ohio State 38, Rutgers 17
Jared: Ohio State 37, Rutgers 21
Tim: Ohio State 35, Rutgers 17
Dylan: Ohio State 38, Rutgers 20
Eli: Ohio State 45, Rutgers 31

Indiana at No. 4 Penn State (-12.5)

Indiana has started to regress back to what people expected them to be this season, but that still won't be enough to match what Penn State has been able to do this season. The Lions won’t be caught with their pants down two years in a row. Penn State wins by at least two touchdowns here.

Lando: Penn State 31, Indiana 14
Clay: Penn State 38, Indiana 17
Jared: Penn State 31, Indiana 17
Tim: Penn State 35, Indiana 17
Dylan: Penn State 45, Indiana 20
Eli: Penn State 56, Indinia 17

Western Kentucky at No. 17 Michigan State (-10.5)

Western Kentucky gave Indiana all it could handle just a week ago, but Michigan State has proven so far that any team devoid of defense is going to get eaten alive. Spartans will roll here, and I’m sure the 10 and a half points are a response to last week.

Lando: Michigan State 35, Western Kentucky 10
Clay: Michigan State 31, Western Kentucky 20
Jared: Michigan State 41, Western Kentucky 21
Tim: Michigan State 35, Western Kentucky 14
Dylan: Michigan State 31, Western Kentucky 17
Eli: Michigan State 41, Western Kentucky 27

Northwestern at Nebraska (-11.5)

Northwestern is back to being a dumpster fire after winning their division, while Nebraska’s three losses this season have squarely fallen on the Huskers. Something’s gotta give here, and I’m going with Nebraska shooting themselves in the foot just enough to win, but not cover the massive spread.

Lando: Nebraska 27, Northwestern 13
Clay: Nebraska 20, Northwestern 13
Jared: Nebraska 16, Northwestern 10
Tim: Nebraska 31, Northwestern 13
Dylan: Nebraska 27, Northwestern 20
Eli: Nebraska 31, Northwestern 21