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Black Shoe Degenerates: Michigan State, Iowa Look To Remain Undefeated

Three undefeated teams remain in the Big Ten.

NCAA Football: Michigan State at Rutgers Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

With only one non-conference game left to play, it’s all Big Ten on Big Ten action from here on out! Iowa’s best shot at losing a game came and went last week, so now we watch to see if the Hawkeyes can really go the rest of the season without losing.

Michigan State, the second of three undefeated teams left in the Big Ten, is putting its unblemished record on the line against Indiana this week. The Hoosiers have not looked like last season’s version, but they’ve faced one of the toughest schedules to date. It doesn’t get any easier when the No. 10 team in the country comes to town.

No. 10 Michigan State (-4.5) at Indiana

As outlined just above, Indiana is not having the kids of season they were expecting. Michael Penix Jr., hasn’t really looked like the same quarterback that was running wild on teams last season, but the bye week may have given the Hoosiers some time settle down and get things in order for their team. Meanwhile, Rutgers showed last week that yards could be gained on the Spartans, and if you can slow their offense, there’s a chance. Indiana’s defense is much better than Rutgers’s, so I think they do just that.

Dylan: Michigan State 31, Indiana 16
Lando: Michigan State 31, Indiana 20
Tim: Michigan State 28, Indiana 21
Clay: Michigan State 27, Indiana 21
Jared: Michigan State 31, Indiana 20
Eli: Indiana 28, Michigan State 27

Nebraska (-4) at Minnesota

Minnesota was on a bye, but last time they played, they headed to Purdue and slogged their way into a win. Nebraska nearly took down Michigan, meanwhile, in another display of “close, but no cigar.” With each passing week, it becomes clearer and clearer than the Illinois game was simply a giant aberration. Not to mention, Minnesota is now down two running backs while Tanner Morgan continues to scratch heads. Nebraska covers easily.

Dylan: Nebraska 27, Minnesota 21
Lando: Nebraska 28, Minnesota 17
Tim: Nebraska 24, Minnesota 17
Clay: Nebraska 30, Minnesota 21
Jared: Nebraska 33, Minnesota 28
Eli: Nebraska 31, Minnesota 21

Rutgers (-2.5) at Northwestern

One team looked decent for most of the game against a top 10 team, and for a half against another. The other team has gotten blasted into oblivion by every team with a pulse it has played. You do the math.

Dylan: Rutgers 26, Northwestern 17
Lando: Rutgers 24, Northwestern 13
Tim: Rutgers 31, Northwestern 14
Clay: Rutgers 23, Northwestern 17
Jared: Rutgers 27, Northwestern 16
Eli: Rutgers 37, Northwestern 17

Purdue at No. 2 Iowa (-12)

Here’s where we talk about Iowa 77 interceptions and how they’re the best team (non-Georgia edition) that’s ever walked this earth, or something. This has letdown written all over it, so I don’t like 12 whole points here. Go Boilers!

Dylan: Iowa 23, Purdue 20
Lando: Iowa 24, Purdue 17
Tim: Iowa 20, Purdue 13
Clay: Iowa 27, Purdue 13
Jared: Iowa 24, Purdue 20
Eli: Iowa 21, Purdue 17

Army at Wisconsin (-14)

This game might be over in an hour. The Badgers can't pass, the Black Knights won’t pass. I can see Army keeping this one closer than expected, but ultimately, Wisconsin’s defense is simply too much for the Knights. Just like the Illinois game, the Badgers won’t need to score much to cover, because they won’t let Army get on the board [more than once].

Dylan: Wisconsin 24, Army 13
Lando: Wisconsin 28, Army 14
Tim: Wisconsin 24, Army 21
Clay: Wisconsin 31, Army 10
Jared: Wisconsin 28, Army 21
Eli: Wisconsin 28, Army 10