Something happened here this week that as far as I remember never happened before. I am literally incensed about it and I would to know why it is allowed. Everyone knows. We lost a game. Our players got booed for faking injuries. Our best players. Anyone that knows the game knows that is absurd. Fine. Whatever. Heat of the moment. I can forget about it.

Except I can't forget about it. Their coach is still claiming the fans were justified in the media. That is bad. For us and for college football. What a jerk. But we already knew that because he has been sued by more than a dozen of his own players for racism. Nothing we can do about that.

We especially can't forget about it because for the first time that I ever remember a hand full of their fans have been here for a full week now, calling our players and coaches cheaters. Why is that allowed to go on for a week? It is harassment pure and simple. I would like to know, as a long time and involved member of this site why they have not been banned. The only reason I can imagine is because the clicks are more important than having the regulars enjoy this site. This BS earns clicks the same way political arguments do. Why is one allowed and not the other?

You might argue that our own fan base here is hard on our players and coaches. Not like this. No one accuses them of low life cheating tactics. Over and over and over. Until these Iowa fans came here and did it with impunity. I used a flag for the first time ever on this site this week. This is not the same as people complaining about the quarterback missing open receivers.

Why mods? Why is this allowed?

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