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Big Ten Power Rankings - Week 7

The more things change, the more they stay the same

Syndication: The Columbus Dispatch Joshua A. Bickel / USA TODAY NETWORK

CHOO CHOO. BOILER UP. WE ARE ALL PURDUE FANS TODAY. After Penn State lost, I was (and continue to be) all aboard the #chaos train. Who knew that in week 7, it would be an actual train delivering said chaos?

1. Ohio State

The Buckeyes were on their bye, but due to just having a ton of talent and not losing any other games, have worked their way back to the top. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

2. Michigan

Is Michigan, also on their bye, better than Penn State? Without Sean Clifford, I think so. If Ta’Quan Roberson is needed long term, and he figures things things? Guess we’ll see?

3. Penn State

The Lions were, you got it, on their bye, but managed to move up in this ranking. A week removed, with calmer emotions, I feel Penn State can still make some serious noise in the B1G, but man will I be relieved whenever Sean Clifford is back on the field.

4. Michigan State

The Spartans defeated Indiana 20-15, and really, I’m just not that sold on MSU. But, they’re a top 10 team, and will take on a top 6 team in Michigan in just a couple weeks’ time (assuming Northwestern doesn’t knock of Michigan before then).

5. Iowa

You reap what you sow. You get what you deserve. Talk shit, get hit. In a word: karma.

A week after Iowa acted atrociously - and doubled down on it at every spare chance - the football gods frowned upon Iowa City, and brought forth holy justice in the form of a steam engine. Purdue upended the #2 Hawkeyes 24-7, and immediately sent Iowa tumbling in the polls. All I can say is: sweet justice.

6. Wisconsin

Here’s where things start to get dicey. Wisconsin continues to look bad on offense, but continues to have a stellar defense. Someone is going to have to win the West, and it’s probably still going to be Iowa, but if Purdue can straight up shut down Iowa’s offense, why not Wisconsin?

7. Indiana

A 5-point loss to a top-11 team is nothing to fret about. Indiana showed some grit, and continue to hover around that 5-spot in the East as a result.

8. Maryland

BYE week for the Terrapins.

9. Purdue

One of the biggest upsets of the 2021 season, and Purdue ascends in these rankings accordingly.

10. Minnesota

Just a few weeks removed from losing to Bowling Green, and Minnesota is fresh off a 30-23 win over Nebraska. The Gophers are on the rise!

11. Northwestern

I love college football. Just when you think you have a team pegged, they go out and smack around another team that you previously thought was okay if not good. The Wildcats beat Rutgers 21-7, and get to move out of the basement.

12. Nebraska

Then there’s Nebraska, who can somehow play close games against Michigan and Oklahoma, yet lose to Minnesota. All by one score, by the way. Down you go!

13. Rutgers

I wanted to believe in Rutgers, I really did. But when you get a chance against one of the worst two teams in the conference, you have to take it . . . lest you become one of those worst two teams.

14. Illinois

BYE week for the Illini unfortunately slots them back into last place, as Northwestern has vacated the premises.


Ohio State, Michigan, and Penn State all move up on their BYE weeks, while Michigan State tags along. Iowa takes a steep decline, running into fellow West team Wisconsin on the rise. Indiana drops a spot, and Maryland stands pat. Purdue makes a big jump, with Minnesota tagging along. Northwestern leaps out of the basement, with Nebraska and Rutgers in free fall. Illinois moves back into the basement after two weeks above ground.