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Success With Hyperlinking Is Coming Home

It’s an open competition for the interim starting job this week.

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Heather Weikel | Black Shoe Diaries

How the mighty are falling. Not even two years removed from winning it all, Ed Orgeron is on his way out of LSU. By all accounts, the change is necessary. With Orgeron effectively being his own interim head coach, speculation as to who will take over begins, and you’ll never guess who’s near the top of the list.

In more local news, maybe Iowa was super overrated after all. Turnover luck finally shifted in the other direction as Purdue chugged along and maybe ruined the Hawkeyes season. Couldn’t happen to a better guy.

I’m sure we’ll all be wondering how much different that evening in Iowa City would have gone had Sean Clifford not had his torso caved in. The extent of his injury remains and will likely remain unknown — our current baseline for his status is pumpkin carving ability — but we do know we shouldn’t expect to see Clifford this weekend.

Between Clifford and PJ Mustipher’s season-ending injury, injuries couldn’t be piling up at a worse time for Penn State. Can Penn State survive without a resurgent Clifford? The starting job will be up for grabs for Saturday’s Homecoming game.

Oh, and Alabama lost. Let chaos rein.