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Illinois 20, Penn State 18 (9OT)

Whatever, man.

Heather Weikel | Black Shore Diaries

Penn State played the worst game it has in the James Franklin era on Saturday against Illinois.

In doing so, they fell to the Fighting Illini 20-18 in a mind-numbing nine overtimes.

Sean Clifford wasn’t anywhere near 100 percent but played anyway because the Nittany Lions don’t have an FBS caliber quarterback behind him. He finished the game 19 of 35 for 165 yards and a touchdown and could barely move when the game finished.

The run game mustered 62 yards on 29 carries.

On the flip side, the Illini ran the ball 357 yards on 67 carries, repeatedly bashing Penn State over the head like helpless baby seals. That the game got to even one overtime, let alone nine, is a testament to just how inept Illinois is.

Not a single Penn State played played well. The Nittany Lions are now 5-2 and are, literally, limping into the Horseshoe for a matchup with an Ohio State team that is just now hitting its stride.

How anyone can feel positive about this once-promising season or the program’s future at the moment I do not know, but kudos to anyone who can do so.

Eat Arby’s.