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MMQB: Which Do Your Prefer?

Slow and steady or boom boom pow?

NCAA Football: Indiana at Penn State Matthew OHaren-USA TODAY Sports

On Saturday, the Penn State Nittany Lions did what it hadn’t yet done this season: They ground out a game rushing for more yards than they passed. It was a slow affair where it became obvious that the Indiana offense wasn’t going to put up much of a fight pretty early. As a result, the Nittany Lions were able to work on an aspect of their game that had gotten a lot of criticism as of late: their running game.

I was curious about this, and decided do a little research into how this offense is really doing in that department. Penn State is currently viewed in the same light as those 2016 and 17 squads, in so far as having explosive plays for days, but maybe not having the ability, or desire, to run the ball as effectively.

The first thing I noticed upon looking at the previous games is that Penn State has run the ball with as much frequency as they threw the ball in all but one game, so the desire to run the ball better is there. Now, after the Indiana affair, it may seem like the effectiveness is starting to catch up.

In a perfect world where the Lions have solved their running issues, we would all hope for an unstoppable offense that is able to throw the ball and run the ball at will and score on every possession or close to it. Coming down to the real world, however, which approach would you rather have? The one from the first four games, where the Lions have found ways to get chunk plays when they needed to, or Saturday’s approach, where they took control of the game from start to finish, but it didn’t look flashy in the process (and may have even been frustrating at times)?

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