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5 College Football Games to Watch Besides Penn State-Iowa

There are some dandies this week before and after the Penn State-Iowa game.

NCAA Football: Oklahoma at Texas Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Just a reminder - you will not see any Big Ten games listed below since they are covered in the weekly conference preview.

(#6)Oklahoma at (#21)Texas
Noon, ABC

This series reminds of the days way back when Michigan and Ohio State used to be rivals. You are pretty much guaranteed a contest that goes down to the wire where both teams leave it all on the field, with rankings and records being meaningless for three hours. This year will be no different. Oklahoma keeps squeaking past opponents, but finding ways to win each time out. Texas is trending in the right direction and has found its footing since the week two loss to Arkansas. This will be an excellent distraction to pass the time while waiting for 4 p.m.
Prediction: Texas-38, Oklahoma-34

(#13)Arkansas at (#17)Ole Miss
Noon, ESPN

This is the most fascinating match-up of the day outside of Penn State-Iowa. Both teams are having nearly identical seasons - both had surprising starts to the season which saw them catapult up the rankings. Then the first Saturday of October happened - as both teams were manhandled by the traditional SEC powerhouses. Now they both seek to pick up the pieces. The winner has a chance to build on their earlier success with an eye toward a NY6 bowl. The other will be at-risk of being no more than a September Surprise that came crashing back to reality.
Prediction: Arkansas-28, Ole Miss-27

(#2)Georgia at (#18)Auburn
3:30 p.m., ESPN

I initially put down Boise State at (#10)BYU, but if you’re only going to watch the first half-hour while waiting for Penn State and Iowa to kickoff then this is the better pick. Auburn should be able to make things interesting for at least the first quarter with its defense. If that holds up, keep an eye on the ticker and hope the Tigers can somehow pull this off, as an Auburn victory would be huge for Penn State’s strength of schedule.
Prediction: Georgia-27, Auburn-14

(#14)Notre Dame at Virginia Tech
7:30 p.m., ACCN

Notre Dame has not had an easy time with anyone this season, and that will continue as the Hokies will be giving them their absolute best shot under the lights in Blacksburg. We’ll see how the Irish bounce back following a tough loss. It won’t be easy by playing a physical team in front of a frenzied crowd. This should go down to the wire, and the atmosphere will be a reminder of why college football easily beats the pants off the NFL.
Prediction: Virginia Tech-26, Notre Dame-24

LSU at (#16)Kentucky
7:30 p.m., SECN

This is a mea culpa after predicting Kentucky to get beat up by Florida in a game that was only worth watching to see former Nittany Lion Will Levis. Kentucky is proving to be a good team, and they will look to build off their upset of the Gators with an LSU squad that is trying to salvage its season before it completely crumbles. Just like the game above, expect a close finish and an electric atmosphere.
Prediction: Kentucky-23, LSU-21