Want some PSU insider stuff?

Some of you know I used to coach and I still get emails from time to time. One recently came across my desk about PSU's culture, new offense under Yurcich, and the revamped defense under Pry. You'll need to pay for the complete package, but some of the clips are free from I watched the Yurcich one, and boy is he good!! I especially got a chuckle out of it when he starts swearing.

Culture from CJF

PSU Defense

PSU Offense

or you can bundle everything together

The free stuff's great, and gives really good insight into the program and how these guys operate. I might but the offensive stuff, just to see what Mike Yurcich's thoughts and ideas are, since I really like what he does and teaches. I always thought I had a good culture, but it doesn't take much to challenge the core principles of the program, and I'm a HUGE CJF fanboy, so I might buy the culture presentation too.

Any way, I thought I would share if you're interested in this kind of thing.

We Are!!

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