This is one of my favorite days of the year. Penn State gameday.

Just that word, "gameday."

The word "gameday," it leads to a strong and barely controllable emotion.

Barely controllable.

That’s what Coach Franklin felt when he took this job, so that we might make the playoffs.

What a gift, told so beautifully in the Gospel of Nittany.

"Gospel" means good news! Good news on Gameday!

And yet, it’s a story of such profound suffering.

What’s so good about that?

Nittany Nation's suffering in this story, it isn’t simply necessary.

It is good.

It is the price of the playoffs.

That suffering, we endure together.

At the Lifting of the Sanctions, we felt alone. And then… Well…

Ah, Nittany Nation has a few allies. And then more.

A whiteout.

And then more and more people spread that good news.

Tell that good story. And then, Penn State has an army.

What do they say in that commercial?

Uh, "Be all that you can be."

Well, I mean no offense to the armed services, which are necessary and of course honorable, but that’s not all that you can be.

In the Penn State's Army, you’re fighting for the Lion and Nittany Nation.

Now, I am going to offend you now, but it is the truth.

The Lion does not want you to fight for Penn State.

The arrogance… of that.

Nittany Nation has no country.

There is one Nittany Nation for the world.

And the lines we draw, and the treaties we draft, and the borders we close mean nothing to the Lion.

No, don’t fight for just Penn State. You fight for the lion’s kingdom.

A kingdom which the Lion tells us has no flags or borders.

Nittany Nation’s army. Now make no mistake. It is a war. That’s what an army is for.

So, as a fanbase, as Nittany Nation’s army, how do we know how the fight is going?

We can’t see it. We can’t radio HQ for a status report.

All we have, all the Lion gives us, is right here.

How we feel. That moral compass inside each one of us pointing due north to the Whiteout.

Conscience. In the army of the Lion, conscience is standard issue.

There are many like it, but this one is mine.

You may think that that’s a line from a war movie, but it isn’t.

That’s actually the Rifleman’s Creed.

And a creed is, by definition, not just a belief, but it is a religious one.

So, it is a war, and there will be casualties.

And we must be soldiers.

That is what Gameday is about.

The Lion will ask horrible things of you. Horrible.

Just look at what the Lion asked of their (singular, non-binary) own fans.

Just look at what the Lion had to endure every Saturday.

We had to call it the "Nittany Nation," because the lion's will, while perfect, changes.

The lion’s will dictates morality, and as the Lion’s will changes, so does morality change.

It changed with Nittany Nation. It changed when Coach Franklin came, and we must, as the lion's army, shed the media's hatred and listen only to that.

You rely on that compass.

Gameday is only good.

The Gospel of the Lion, so full of horror, is only good, because of where it is headed.


Today is only good because of what’s coming tonight, this Saturday.

When Penn State has won and Iowa has been defeated.

What is otherwise horrible is good because of where it’s headed.

Welcome to the Lion's army.

Yeah, we’re gonna do great things.

Let's fucking go.

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