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Success With Hyperlinking Is Officially A Football School

Mint week on the pitch, innit?

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Heather Weikel | Black Shoe Diaries

Penn State is a football school now. With its 3-0 win over Indiana on Sunday, the men’s soccer team captured the Big Ten Tournament title, and now has a chance to complete a treble as it heads to the NCAA Tournament.

Along the way, Jeff Cook’s squad started Michigan Week off on the right foot. Russ Rose’s squad closed out the week on another high note.

Everything in between?

The pain started on the ice, where the now-No. 1 Wolverines thoroughly swept the Nittany Lions.

The pain carried over into Saturday, when the Nittany Lions lost ANOTHER big game under James Franklin. The Wolverines showed plenty of fire in their comeback win, but the Nittany Lions did everything in their power to shoot themselves in the foot.

After losing four out of five, a trip to Florida is looking less likely. Instead, the Nittany Lions may not be travelling far for Bowl Season. But first, the Nittany Lions must survive another strange Senior Day against a Rutgers team that might have a chance?