FTB Film Study - Christian Veilleux Debut


Hey, that rhymes! See Link. Anyway, the thing that stood out to me last week was Veilleux's willingness to throw up 50/50 balls and trusting his guy to out-athelete the guy in red. For as well as Clifford played pre-injury (and even post-injury at Ohio State) it felt like he was hesitant to take chances downfield because he was (is) so considered with correcting his lopsided TD-INT ratio from last year. Think about it...other than the deep shot to KLS in the Wisconsin game, can you recall many deep balls that Clifford threw where his receiver wasn't wide open? In everything I read about Yurcich's offense in the offseason, it said that his QBs always had the green light to throw McSorley-esque "jumpballs" and we didn't see a lot of that this season from Clifford...but we did with Veilleux on Saturday.