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2-0: Bo Nickal Knocks Out Opponent

UFC Middlweight Gold is next.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Ladies and gentlemen, the MMA community has a problem and its name is Bo Nickal.

After submitting his opponent to reach 1-0, Nickal showed the other part of his MMA game tonight against Billy Good: that left hand shot. No one can take that left hand shot. 2-0 for Nickal, which is now his second consecutive first round finish.

For those that don’t follow MMA closely: that is quite impressive. Not surprising given Nickal’s credentials heading into his MMA career, but knocking a guy out with a clean left hand in fight No. 2? Impressive. Really impressive. Two-to-three more fights on the independent circuit and Nickal should find himself in Bellator of the UFC — the two premier MMA organizations.