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BSD Early NSD Roundtable: What Offensive Prospect Excites You The Most?

Allar? Saunders? Singleton?

Penn State Athletics

Early National Signing Day is here as Penn State’s class begins to fill up! With the signatures coming in as we speak, the BSD Staff sat down for a (digital) discussion on what offensive players we are most excited by in the class.

Chris Lucia: “I’m not going to pull any punches here - the obvious answer is Drew Allar, the only consensus 5-tar in the recruiting class. For a few years now, it’s seemed like Penn State has a lot of the pieces needed to compete for the playoffs: solid overall defense, quality receivers, a multitude of good running backs. The one piece that has been missing has been quarterback. Remember Clemson, and how they were seemingly always thisclose to breaking through, but couldn’t quite get over the hump? Remember how all that changed when Deshaun Watson showed up? The Tigers were missing that one last piece, and when they got it, they took off. Well, all signs point to Allar being Penn State’s Watson. He has all of the tools you’d hope to see in a quarterback prospect, and is likely Penn State’s best chance at getting over that hump a la Clemson.”

Marty Leap: “This is a no brainer. Allar is the most gifted and talented quarterback in the 2022 recruiting cycle. Honestly, he might be the best high school quarterback in the country right now regardless of class. The one piece Penn State has missed most during the James Franklin Era has been a truly elite QB, Allar will change that when he arrives on campus next month. From the moment Mike Yurcich first offered Allar shortly after being hired last January I began to pound the table for him to shoot up recruiting boards. As he started to impress on the camp circuit, followed by a strong showing at The Elite 11 and a dominant senior high school season, I was screaming from the rooftops for Allar to be a five-star prospect. Not only is he a five-star, he has climbed all the way to being the #3 player in the country according to 247Sports. Allar has the tools needed to finally get Penn State over the College Football Playoff hump. There have been plenty of comparisons made in recent seasons between James Franklin and Dabo Swinney. Clemson was always Clemson until Deshaun Watson showed up and they took that next step, Allar could be Penn State’s Watson.”

Clay Sauertieg: “Okay, okay, I know this isn’t really true. The actual answer is Allar. But I’m really, really excited for Kaden Saunders as well. The fellow Ohio product is an absolute lightning rod with the ball in his hands. Think Jahan Dotson but with some of the lateral quickness and burst of KJ Hamler. Saunders has everything he needs to potentially win a Biletnikoff Award as the nation’s top wide receiver in his time at Penn State.”

Lando: “I mean, yes, it’s Allar. What if it wasn’t though? I’ve wanted a stud RB at Penn State since Saquon (I know Miles had a good last season, but he wasn’t quite up to SB’s level). Nick Singleton doesn’t quite have breakaway speed, but he can certainly make defenders miss, and perhaps more importantly, runs decisively (As much as I love Keyvone Lee, he does a little too much dancing for my taste).”

Patrick Koerbler: “To echo the rest of the sentiment, Allar is obviously the pick here. But man, I really love Kaden Saunders. My think when it comes to wide receivers and running backs: are you doing anything in your film besides just being faster than everyone? I call it the Curtis Dukes. Because with some of the competition a lot of these guys play, it doesn’t take much more than running to the outside and going 80 yards every time. With Sanders, he shows that immediate burst. He shows the vision. He shows the wiggle. He shows the ability to make people miss. If he were two inches taller, he’s a Top 10 player in my mind.”