Snap Counts - MSU

Offensive Snap Counts (total 61):

  • QB: Clifford (61)
  • RB: Lee (45), Cain (7), Ford (11)
  • WR: Dotson (59), KLS (54), Washington (48), Meiga (5), CSB (1), Eubanks? (1)
  • TE: Strange (37), Johnson (31), Warren (6)
  • OL: Wilson (61), Miranda (61), Scruggs (61), Wallace (61), Effner (43), Tengwall (18)
Offensive Personnel Takeaways:
  • It was...interesting to do the counts with white jerseys in the snow. Parker Washington blended in a few times and I had to find him since he was the only one wearing all white.
  • I never saw a jersey number on the slot WR for the penultimate offensive play of the game for PSU. I think it was Eubanks but that's a guess.
  • Landon Tengwall got the first two drives of the 2nd half at LT and otherwise it was Bryce Effner.
Defensive Snap Counts (total 88):
  • DE: Ebiketie (76), Luketa (53), Tarburton (48), Vilbert (2)
  • DT: Tangelo (54), Izzard (64), Ellies (50)
  • LB: Smith (78), Brooks (76), Jacobs (58), Katshir (10), Luketa (11), Sutherland (5)
  • CB: JPJ (63), TCF (47), Hardy (26), King (44), Dixon (22)
  • S: Brisker (88), Brown (75), Ellis (13), Reed (3)
Defensive Personnel Takeaways:
  • After a 20 snap drive where MSU scored their 3rd TD, we didn't see TCF or JPJ again. It was Kalen King and Johnny Dixon from there on.
  • Nick Tarburton had a few snaps from a 3t alignment but I counted those towards DE, just cuz. Also, he usually slides out to around the 5t area when he takes the place of a DT and I haven't differentiated all season.
  • Luketa and Sutherland both saw snaps at LB.
1/1, 21yds
2/2, 53yds, 1TD
1/2, 27yds, 1TD
1/2, 16yds
3/4, 45yds, 1TD, 1drop
2/2, 29yds
2/3, 20yds, 1drop
4/5, 34yds
1/1, 6yds
1/2, 7yds
4 sacks 0 scram
4/6, 30yds
4 QB run

Accuracy Charting:
  • Sean Clifford: On Target - 19, Catchable - 6, Miss - 2, Uncatchable - 4, Throwaway/Batted - 3
Offensive Analysis:
  • The 9 offensive drives was the fewest of the season, due to a defensive TD, kickoff fumble, and MSU churning out very long possessions.
  • Clifford was quite accurate on the game as a whole. There was no wind to affect his throws and he didn't seem to struggle with his footing. 25/31 on in-play passes is really good for him.
  • Penn State had 259 of the 374 yards on 12 explosive plays. There were an additional 15 successful plays for 121yds. The remaining 33 plays gained -6yds.
  • The run game was hit or big miss. I'm pretty sure the 33yd run is the longest of the season for Lee. Another 18yd run was wow, not often two big runs in the games. But 17/22 runs vs MSU were deemed unsuccessful and totaled 17yds.
  • I wish PSU had been more aggressive early in the game on the two early 4th & 1 plays, before snow had accumulated too much. MSU was aggressive early and that paid off in the end.
Defensive Analysis:
  • On the season (outside mitten state) PSU gave up 2.8333 pts per drive on 18 drives lasting 10 plays or more, that's pretty good. Against mitten state schools, PSU gave up 6.2 pts per drive on 5 drives lasting 10 plays. That includes the longest drive (20, MSU), t-3rd longest (17, UM), and 5th longest (16, MSU). To say it was an atypical but not unheard of showing would be correct.
  • MSU scored 4 TDs. Three of them came on 3rd/4th down.
  • I bet PSU wishes you could decline false start penalties on the offense and let the play stand. MSU has a false start on 4th&1 that resulted in sack (maybe fumble?). Next play they converted 4th&6 and the drive ended in a TD. Later MSU had a false start on a 3rd&9 play that ended with Hardy batting down a pass on a blitz. MSU gained 11 on 3rd&14, then converted 4th&3 on a TD drive. Half the MSU TD drives had a false start that hurt PSU.
  • JPJ holds a lot. He's very grabby. Usually he grabs more than the refs call. But that endzone DPI was wrong. He had head turned and the receiver stopped in front of him. That's either incidental contact or possibly OPI, but not DPI. Of course, MSU scored on that drive.
  • Lets just say that Brandon Smith and JPJ will not be adding MSU to their highlight reel if they choose to try the draft after this season.
Special Teams Analysis:
  • Ray Guy Finalist Punter Jordan Stout is awesome
  • placekicker jordan stout not so much
  • A fumble on a kick return, not what PSU needed from it's special teams after a missed FG and PAT.

Redshirt Tracker:

  • CB Kalen King #4 (11 games) - redshirt burned
  • S Jaylen Reed #7 (7 games) - redshirt burned
  • LB Kobe King #41 (4 games)
  • LB Jamari Buddin #42 (4 games)
  • WR Tre Wallace #85 (2 games)
  • CB Kaleb Brown #30 (2 games)

  • LB Dominic Deluca #34 (2 games)

  • CB Zakee Wheatley #6 (2 game)

  • LT Landon Tengwall #58 (2 games)

  • QB Christian Veilleux #9 (1 game)

  • TE Khalil Dinkins #16 (1 game)

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