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2021 Collegiate Duals Day Two Evening Preview: Penn State & Iowa Face Tough Opponents in Arizona State & NC State

6p Iowa vs NC State; 8p Penn State vs Arizona State

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6p Iowa vs NC State

125 - #1 Spencer Lee vs. #5 Jakob Camacho

133 - #3 Austin DeSanto vs. #17 Kai Orine

141 - #2 Jaydin Eierman vs. #16 Ryan Jack

149 - #8 Max Murin vs. #3 Tariq Wilson

157 - #8 Kaleb Young vs. #23 Ed Scott

165 - #1 Alex Marinelli vs. #18 Thomas Bullard

174 - Nelson Brands vs. #5 Hayden Hidlay

184 - Abe Assad vs. #3 Trent Hidlay

197 - #7 Jacob Warner vs. #15 Isaac Trumble

285 - #6 Tony Cassioppi vs. #28 Owen Trephan/Deonte Wilson

8p Penn State vs Arizona State

This is gonna be a tigghhht dual. Tighter than against Cornell, where PSU lost 125, 149, 157, 165, and earned only DEC wins by Starocci, Dean and Kerkvliet.

At 149, Bartlett has a much better chance against Parco than he did against #1 Yianni, but it will be a battle. Sparky remains favored at those same 125, 157 & 165.

Meanwhile, Penn State remains favored with its National Champs at 133, 141 (both against tough opponents—and RBY’s opponent may be the next-fastest guy at that weight), 174 & 184.

197 you could call a tossup, and 285 you could call ASU favored, especially given the 50lb weight advantage.

So what does that all come down to? You guessed it: Bonus Points—earning them AND limiting them.

In its last four duals, PSU has only earned two Pins and one Tech Fall. Nick Lee came within a point of a Tech Fall yesterday, and RBY put up a ton of match points against Cornell, but only sent 4 points to the team via the Major Decision (after the big pin against UNI earlier in the day).

Yesterday, Starocci & Brooks each earned a DEC and a Major. Against their wildly overmatched opponents, the team score will need them to do way more than that. Techs or Pins; learn early whether the latter is possible, gas up appropriately.

As for limiting Bonus, best of luck to Campbell or Shunk, but this lineup showed against Cornell that they can stomach a 6-point gap to start. At 157 Teemer isn’t much of a bonus machine (career 33%), so either Bear Claw or Negron should be able to keep it to a decision. After Joe Lee’s questionable reach-back yesterday, I’m guessing we won’t see him. And Anthony Valencia is dynamic, but Edsell’s too much of a horse and too smart to get too out of position too many times. So I like Penn State chances there.

Max Dean has to win.

Kerk may have to as well.

It’s gonna come down to the wire, and Penn State’s going to need its big guns to fire big. Let’s get to it!