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MMAD - What’s Your Favorite Winter Sport?

So many to choose from!

Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

Being a bit light on #kontent at the moment, I’m sitting here wondering which winter sport is my favorite.

Now, truth be told, come the winter months I tend to get more invested in pro sports than college. That is to say, I’m not a very avid winter sport fan in general, but for some reason I just don’t seem to get very hooked on PSU winter sports as much.


Let’s start with an obvious one, hockey. The team is good, has one of the best home ice facilities in the country, and last year would have been an absolute force in the playoffs. I’m also a fairly big hockey fan, but most of my energy gets put into the New Jersey Devils. Still, seeing the team do well is always a boon.


Man, I can’t tell you how disappointed I was that the tournament got canceled last year. That was a fun team. Especially since, for the better part of a decade leading up to last season’s NBA bubble, my pro team the Lakers were noooooot great. Sure, they ended up winning the chip, but in March of last year, I just didn’t have my hopes up. Here comes PSU with its best season in a decade, and poof, gone. This year’s team seems to be good as well, just the unfortunate benefactor of a rough schedule.


I am a wrestling n00b, I won’t lie. I understand the basics of the sport, weight classes, dual scoring, and such. But specific moves, what exactly constitutes a takedown, etc, are all beyond me. Last season hadn’t gone as well as the Lions’ might have hoped, but with the cancellation of the post season tournament, PSU is still technically the reigning national champ! Here’s hoping they can build off their 2-0 start.


There are truthfully a lot of other sports out there. Indoor track and field, women’s hockey, gymnastics, women’s basketball, the list goes on. If I didn’t cover your favorite sport up above, tell me why I’m wrong! I’d love to hear about what is piquing your interest on a snowy February morning.