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Wrestling Open Thread: NLWC Freestyle Event #5: The Valentines Card

Cael Sanderson’s model of bringing Nittany Lion Freestyle wrestlers returns tonight with two cards, in NLWC Event #5.

Cael Sanderson, here coaching Jake Varner in 2015, has since brought Varner into the Penn State Coaching Tree, and Varner is now the Head Coach of the Nittany Lion Wrestling Club.
Tony Rotundo/WrestlersAreWarriors

With the Olympic Trials date quickly approaching, wrestlers are working to get more matches in. The result of those efforts is tonight’s flaming hot fire of a Main Card, in which 18! bouts will be contested among some of America’s greatest wrestlers. The undercard presents some extremely talented wrestlers as well.

Apologies for not having much of a preview for you all today, but we’re grateful for the BSD Wrestle Community and its willingness to crowd-source facts, results and takery—which we can all join in to do in the Open Thread comments below!

A Quick Look Back

The links to BSD Wrestle’s Open Threads below provide play-by-play scoring and transcribed quotes from the events’ guest commentators, in the posts comments. Thanks to Bubba for the play-by-play scoring, and to all who have participated and helped to make this a fun and valuable online community.

NLWC Freestyle Event #1 in September was fun.

NLWC Freestyle Event #2 in October was fun.

NLWC Freestyle Event #3 in November was fun.

NLWC Freestyle Event #4 in December was fun.

Tonight’s Fire Matchups

So many fire matchups! Let’s get to them!

Undercard, 6:00p EST

Main Card, 7:30p EST

Lots of great wrestling tonight!

Please be kind to each other, and let’s appreciate the opportunities!

How to Watch

Rokfin Video Stream Link ($):

To get access to this premium content, you must subscribe with a credit card, to a particular channel on the Rokfin platform. I used the NLWC’s page, and I found this part easy and straightforward.