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SWH is Getting Ready for Tryouts

The Franklin family is reunited and it’s awesome.

Super Bowl LV Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

James Franklin’s life just got a little closer to returning to normal over the last few weeks.

  • Really happy for James. We all saw how down he was during the season, and not because of the on-field performance.

Do you think you’re Rudy or Vince Papale? Starting today, you can prove it.

  • If you’re a quarterback, we’re rooting for you.

Speaking of quarterbacks, one on the current team is apparently impressing his new coach.

  • For the record, I’ve always liked him. Hope he gets some playing time in 2021.

One of the two former Penn State star receivers facing free agency spoke about his thought process when choosing a new destination.

  • Saquon says hi....oh who am I kidding, Gettleman isn’t that smart.

The transfer portal sure has been kind to the Nittany Lions this off-season.

  • Are they done with the portal? Many at BSD hope not...

A Penn State women’s hockey player is lighting things up on the ice.

Three more players have pledged to become Nittany Lions on the diamond in 2021.

Despite the circumstances, Greek life at Penn State is thriving.