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MMQB - The Best Laid Plans

of Mice and Men

By now, I’m sure you’ve all seen the infamous graphic from Penn State football, touting the program’s influence on the Super Bowl.

In case you haven’t, here it is in all its glory:

In absolutely GIGANTIC text, the tweet claims that a Penn Stater has appeared in EVERY Super Bowl.

Like, holy cow, that’s impressive right?? 55 Super Bowls, and at least one Penn Stater has suited up for each and every one of them.

...Wait, what’s that little text at the bottom say?

“Except for five since 1967.”





Like, seriously, Penn State PR, what is you doing?! Who looks at that and says “ayup that’ll do” and sends it out??

Lest you think this went unnoticed, literally EVERYBODY has since trolled the Nittany Lions.



Ole Miss:

Even the freaking New Hampshire Fisher Cats FFS:

Well, allow me to retort!

Look, I get what Penn State was trying to do here. Hype up your program! Show how much influence PSU has at the next level! Go for it man!

But this?

At least Penn State realized their mistake right? Embraced the meme, and ran with it, right? It’s not like they tried to post a weird update to the original, making the whole thing even worse, ri-