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Wrestling Nationals Session 3 Recap and Session 4 Preview

Iowa stretched their lead to 16.5 points, as the tournament ended in agony for Brady Berge & Robbie Howard.

Cael & Cody Sanderson look even more like silent assassins in their masks.
Tony Rotundo, via twitter

Penn State got some pretty good help from the field against Iowa this session, but its own wrestlers stumbled and couldn’t make them pay.

Worst of all possible scenarios, Penn State lost Brady Berge to a horrific knee injury, as his tournament came to the most dismal of ends. Coach Cael has consistently lauded Berge this season as such a good man, and raved about how well he had slowly, persistently come back from the terrible head injury he sustained in U23 Worlds in October, 2019. To see his season end in such a literally painful manner was absolutely gutting to all wrestling fans. We’re thinking about you with heavy hearts at BSD tonight, Chef Bardy. Get well soon!

Similarly, Robbie Howard appeared to re-injure the shoulder he had offseason surgery on, late in his R16 bout, and just before he succumbed to a pin. Our BSD Wrestle thoughts are with you, too, young man. Get well soon.

Other losses included Michael Beard, who ran into an absolute ox in PA’s Jacob Woodley, who wrestles for Oklahoma, and a predictable loss to stud Gable Steveson, by a game Greg Kerkvliet.

Upsides for PSU were Roman Bravo-Young, Nick Lee, Carter Starocci and Aaron Brooks all advancing to tonight’s semifinals, where they have another opportunity to score a boatload of points for the team.

Top-15 Team Scores, via PSWC.

Still a lot more points available tonight. Things could still get quite dramatic.

Penn State’s Session 4 matchups, courtesy of BSD Wrestle member Bubba and his extremely helpful website:

Penn State’s Session II matchups, via

Iowa’s Session 4 matchups, courtesy of

Still hopeful for that youthful roar!