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MMPG - Bracket Busted


IndyStar-USA TODAY Sports

So how ‘bout that March Madness, huh?

Penn State didn’t make it to the dance (again), but that doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy the chaos that comes with the annual NCAA basketball tournament.

And oh boy, has it been chaotic.

On the first day of the tournament, 2-seed Ohio State lost to 15-seed Oral Roberts 75-72, and immediately, over 95% of all brackets were busted. But the Golden Eagles weren’t done just yet! No, they took a day off, then went and took down 7-seed Florida 81-78. For just the second time in history, a 15-seed has made it to the Sweet Sixteen.

Oh, but that’s not all. Three other double-digit seeds have made it to the Sweet Sixteen from the South and Midwest regions.

12-seed Oregon State beat 5-seed Tennessee 70-56 in the first round, and then 4-seed Oklahoma State 80-70.

11-seed Syracuse took down 6-seed San Diego State 70-56, followed by 3-seed WVU 75-72.

On the other side, 13-seed Ohio upset 4-seed UVA in the West, while three double-digit teams in the East will play today. 11-seed UCLA will take on 14-seed Abilene Christian, after they beat 6-seed BYU and 3-seed Texas in the first round, respectively. Oh, and then there’s 10-seed Maryland, who defeated 7-seed UConn.

And lest we forget, 8-seed Loyola Chicago just smacked around one of the presumptive tournament favorites, 1-seed Illinois, to the tune of 71-58.

It’s been a crazy first 3 days of the tournament, and as an outsider, I absolutely am here for it.