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SWH is Playing Scorigami with Penn State Sports

Who knew Lehigh was that good at football?

Lehigh v Navy Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Who here likes weird final scores in sports?

  • Apologies for bringing up a certain football contest in 2004...oh, and powerhouse Lehigh’s thrashing.

Penn State’s placekicker is hoping for a bounce-back season after a tough 2020.

  • We would also like to see Jake have a slightly more consistent season.

Was the Big Ten overrated in basketball this year?

  • I mean, it sure looks like it, doesn’t it?

ESPN has ranked the top 80 college football defensive players in the 2000’s-any PSU players out there?

  • That was a dumb tease-of course there are! Poz is too low IMO, but at least he is ahead of AJ Hawk. I would also put him over his OSU contemporary James Laurinaitis.
  • Sean Taylor is also too low, and Jabrill Peppers is forever too high on any list like that (although I have been pleasantly surprised with his contributions to the Giants so far).

Carolyn Kieger isn’t content to let the men’s basketball program have the spotlight despite the hiring of Micah Shrewsberry.

  • I started going to Lady Lions’ games in the 1990’s with Tina Nicholson, Lisa Shepherd, Helen Darling, Andrea Garner...and of course, in the 2000’s with my first basketball crush, Kelly Mazzante. It would be great to see the team return to that level, or at least the Maggie Lucas days. Hopefully this addition helps.

An installation in front of the Palmer Art Museum has been removed.

  • Who else saw the headline and thought they took out the paws? I would have been FURIOUS.