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Sexy Enough For State College: Micah Shrewsberry’s First Press Conference At Penn State

There is something about the way that the light reflects off the top of his head that makes me trust him.

Capital Radio Christmas Party In London, Britain - 1991 Photo by Brian Rasic/Getty Images

Penn State basketball coach Micah Shrewsberry was officially introduced on Tuesday and he took some questions from the media. We got our first glimpse at the man that will be the face of the program and while his path to the job may not have been a traditional one, he is a worthy of the shot.

The first question that Shrewsberry took was concerning the transfer portal and the Penn State players that are currently testing the waters. He did not rule out the return of any players.

The next question was in regards to recruiting Philadelphia, an area that has become critical to the program after years of work to build a pipeline of solid recruits. He acknowledged that the Lions have done well in Philly lately but that he will also try to pull talent from Pittsburgh, Harrisburg or anywhere else within the state. He then went on to say, “When you have a name like Penn State, a large alumni following and base, I think we can stretch our recruiting out to a lot of different areas.”

Shrewsberry spoke at length about his journey as a mediocre player on a low-level college basketball team. His focus on hard work and taking an underdog approach will work well in State College.

Nothing in his journey has been sexy, so he says, but he may not be aware that the past three coaches at Penn State, four including himself, have had a fully bald head or mostly-barren dome. Right Said Fred were too sexy for their shirts, per their lyrics, and they, too, were low in the hair follicle count. Sexy is in the eye of the beholder and there are many fans of the Lions basketball team that have a fondness for hard work and over-achieving.

We look forward to hearing more from coach as he works toward building the team in the coming months. It’s going to be a long off-season for fans but when we get back to the games it should be a very exciting time.