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SWH Has a Pickle Craving

It’ll make sense.

Farmer’s Market recipes

Read what the hiring of one of Penn State football’s new offensive analysts may mean for Sean Clifford and company on the field.

We haven’t heard as much as we usually do from Cael and his crew this season, but that doesn’t mean their young talent isn’t ready to grapple in the postseason.

Death, taxes, and Penn State’s online learning management system going down.

Here’s a look at some activities going on in-person and virtually “at” Penn State.

Penn State’s last starting quarterback to wear No. 14 has a coaching job!

I am a massive addict of dill pickles (specifically Vlasic’s Zesty Dill Spears), but I never quite got into the fried pickle ​idea. Seems like others are big fans, though

This is the caption under the link headline: “Looking for something to tickle your pickle craving? Penn State student Jackie Tucker can help out with “Fried Pickle Paradise.”

  • Full disclosure: When I saw the caption under the headline, I misread one of the words and thought this was a very different kind of story that we here at BSD don’t usually cover. Thankfully, a second glance informed me of my oversight.