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Big Ten Wrestling Tournament Session II Open Thread

Four Nittany Lions have qualified for Nationals and are competing in the Semifinals, while the other six are fighting to qualify, in the Consolation Bloodround.

Roman Bravo-Young pursues his first Big Ten Tournament Championship.
Heather Weikel, hweikelphotography

Session II, Saturday, March 6

  • 7:30 p.m.
  • 4 Mats
  • Championship Semifinals
  • Consolation Bloodround
  • Consolation Quarterfinals

How to Watch

  • Big Ten Network: roving mat coverage, perhaps some split screens. All Producer-dictated; you get what they serve.
  • BTN Plus ($): individual mat cams for all for mats, selectable by us!

How to Listen

Penn State Matchups

Via Bubba’s Website,


Nationals Status

Everybody in the Semis (RBY, Nick Lee, Starocci, Brooks) has qualified for Nationals.

Everybody in the Bloodround (Howard, Bartlett, Berge, Joe Lee, Beard & Kerk) needs to win at least their first one to qualify for Nationals.

If everybody does that, Howard, Berge, and Joe Lee will qualify, but Bartlett, Beard and Kerk will still need to win another after that.

Anybody who loses in the Bloodround tonight will miss out on automatically qualifying, but may still have a 9th-place bracket bout that will help their chances of receiving an at-large bid to St. Louis.