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SWH is Happy for Bill O’Brien

Curious about Jamari Wheeler’s thought process, Bill O’Brien’s new contract, or where DaQuan Jones might end up?

Minnesota Vikings v Houston Texans Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

SB Nation’s Big Blue View sat down with a certain Giants fan to discuss the Penn State draft prospects and what they could bring to New York if Dave Gettleman decides to do better in selecting the future of the franchise.

  • The interview starts at 11:37 of the podcast, and is the 10th episode listed if you don’t see right when you click.

In case you were curious about how much Alabama is paying one of Penn State’s former head coaches, the figures have been released.

  • Good for BOB. Get that bread, man.

ICYMI: Check out our latest Mock Draft Roundup to see where former Nittany Lions are projected to end up in the NFL.

  • Still hoping that the Giants pick up either Micah, Shaka, or Free Moose...

Speaking of Penn State alumni in the NFL, a few of them do not have homes. What might be the fate of these free agents?

  • I’m surprised that Sean Lee hasn’t officially retired yet, honestly. I would also gladly take DaQuan Jones in New York.

Check out this early look at recruiting the class of 2023!

  • How many of the 54 players highlighted will sign with James Franklin and Co.?

Was anyone else wondering why Jamari Wheeler chose Columbus as the destination for his final season of eligibility? He explained a little bit of his rationale for choosing the Buckeyes.

  • I wish someone would ask him if he intentionally chose another school in the conference or not. Also, my dad has been insufferable since he decided-calling him a traitor and saying we can never speak his name.

What do the Penn State receivers look like in 2021? (Stay tuned for our preview of the wideouts next week.)

  • Jahan and PW are scary by themselves.