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MMQB - Which Position Worries You the Most Post Spring Practice?

Yes, yes, spring practice isn’t quite over yet, I know

Photo by Kyle Ross/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Spring practice is essentially complete, and with it the Lions will go into a bit of hibernation between now and August. Sure, there will be workouts and some meetings, but the team is more or less known right now. So with that in mind, MMQB asks: which position worries you the most post spring practice?

For me, there are really two positions that have me a little concerned - quarterback and defensive end.

At quarterback, Sean Clifford was allegedly “meh” during the Blue-White game, still noticeably missing open receivers, throwing high, etc. Taquan Roberson was apparently fine, but the lack of depth and experience is a concern. The Lions missed out on a few of the early QB transfers, but as spring practices around the country wind down, expect to see a few more names in the portal. I’m still of the mindset that Clifford should be fine but I would not hate bringing in some competition.

The other position that worries me, and is probably the bigger worry, is defensive end. Adisa Isaac is probably a starter, though he is definitely on the skinny side. But the other side of the line? Or behind Isaac? A whooole bunch of question marks.

The truth is, there are a good amount of talented bodies at DE - Nick Tarburton, Arnold Ebiketie, Zuriah Fisher, and Smith Vilbert are all solid athletes in their own right. But for various reasons, from injuries to positional switches, none of them have had a chance to flash at end. It wouldn’t shock me if Hakeem Beamon sees a good bit of time at DE, especially against rush heavy teams like Wisconsin.

As always, James Franklin has his work cut out for him, but this time it’s at two of the more important positions on the team. Here’s hoping he has some answers when the team heads out for Camp Randall.