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SWH is Already Looking Ahead to 2022?

Two football players and some pretty good photos.

Iowa v Penn State Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Want to see your favorite Nittany Lion snapshots in the modern day?

  • My favorite are the kicking one and the wrestling one, but some of these other ones needed some more practice IMO.

We haven’t even finished the 2021 NFL Draft yet, but the “worldwide leader” is already looking towards 2022. What player did they choose for the Nittany Lions?

  • I did have to re-read the “most intriguing” descriptor again after getting to Penn State’s entry, because I was surprised to see the absence of a particular wideout. After a second glance, I understand their pick.

Since the 2021 NFL Draft begins tonight, check out our mock draft round-ups.

  • Hoping Micah is a top-15 pick, and Free Moose gets into the first round as well!

More NFL Draft-it’s the All-Name Team!

  • Not surprised that Penn State is represented with this particular player.

Speaking of Penn State football, which player is set to break out in 2021?

Finally, guess who will be back for Week 1 of 2021?

  • Giants fans already expected this, but it’s nice to get pseudo-confirmation :)