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SWH is Doing Their Best “Swami” Impression

Let’s get predicting!

21st Biennale of Sydney Media Preview Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images

Time for some Penn State football predictions!

First, how many games in September will have the dreaded noon kickoff? How about the night games?

  • Welp, they’ve already missed the Auburn start time. If Nova isn’t a noon game, I’ll eat my hat.

Will the Nittany Lions be unbeaten when they travel to Columbus? How about the rest of the conference?

  • I know we have the “15-0 or GTFO” crowd, but this could happen. Winning against Auburn and at Camp Randall will be tough, but it is definitely within the realm of possibility.

After their first defeat, what will the final results be for the Big Ten?

  • Having a win against a 9-3 Indiana would be nice for the rankings, but I don’t believe Iowa will beat Penn State this fall, especially if it’s not a night game. 8-4 is too many losses IMO. This team has come a long way from the days in the 00’s, where going on the road to play a halfway decent squad was almost an automatic loss. Let’s hope I’m right!

Let’s talk about a trio of former Penn Staters: First, the old-new Rutgers coach.

  • Schiano got worse than a raw deal with Tennessee, but I’m sure everyone would agree that he avoided an awful situation. The football gods may see fit to grant Rutgers some prosperity on the gridiron shortly...can’t believe I just typed that.

Will Free Moose be the next Heath Miller (or better)?

  • I talked Pat up when I talked with Behind the Steel Curtain before the draft, and would love to see him have a transformative impact.

Baltimore is encouraged about their new ex-Nittany Lion.

  • I may have been nervous about Odafe getting drafted in the first round, but the Ravens are a good spot for him to flourish. As Martindale says in the article, he’s only played for FIVE YEARS. Can’t wait to see what happens in the future.

Finally, HBO mentioned Penn State sports again!

  • I’ve never seen this show, but given where it is set, I guess it makes sense that they are watching PSU?