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Early Odds For 2021 Penn State Football Games Start To Come In

Penn State favored in two out of five games as Vegas starts to release early odds for the 2021 football season.

Mark Alberti-USA TODAY Sports

Some of the season’s biggest games for the Penn State Nittany Lions have been handicapped by early Vegas odds makers, and, as expected, it’s a bit of a mixed bag when it comes the point spreads.

Five early odds are available so far, two home and three away, and unsurprisingly, the Lions are favored in both home games, while being a slight to moderate underdog in the away games.

Four games live in toss-up territory, as the home team is favored by less than a touchdown. Then the Nittany Lion split the Michigan and Ohio State, with the home team being favored by at least a touchdown in each contest.

The list of available games are as follows:

September 4th, at Wisconsin: +3.5

September 18th, vs Auburn: -3.5

October 9th, at Iowa: +1

October 30th, at Ohio State +12

November 13th vs Michigan: -7

Other interesting odds include Ohio State being favored by 13 over Oregon for the early week 2 matchup, Notre Dame being favored by 1 against USC, but even against North Carolina, Iowa State being favored by a full touchdown against Iowa, and Oklahoma being favored by nearly three touchdowns (19) against Nebraska.

These will of course change as the season approaches, but it’s interesting to see what the odds makers out west think of how the games will play out.