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SWH is Ready for the USFL

Jim Kelly and Houston, am I right?

Houston Gamblers v New Jersey Generals Photo by Rich Pilling/Diamond Images via Getty Images

A league that can best be described as being “a flash in the pan” may be making a return shortly.

  • For someone like me who sadly missed out on the USFL the first time, I am not upset about spring football making a comeback. It’s crazy to me to think that Steve Young, Jim Kelly, and Herschel Walker all played in this league. Who knows, maybe they’ll find another gem in that kind of mold.
  • Also, I used the same expression (flash in the pan) as the writer of the article...guess I’m that predictable.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves in regards to a certain running back’s return.

  • Saquon himself did not guarantee a Week 1 return despite his eagerness to get back out there. As a Giants fan, I am actually pleased to see this. I was a bit worried that he would rush back because he is so strong and works so hard off the field, so I’m glad to see him take a more measured approach.

Speaking of former Nittany Lions in the NFL, one of the offensive linemen was profiled about his desire to improve.

  • He certainly improved over his tenure with Penn State, and it’s nice to hear all of his former coaches sing his praises.

Let’s look at a classic dinner spot in downtown State College (for fancy-ish people).

  • Don’t get me wrong, I like this place. this teacher just eats on a budget :) Definitely worth a stop there if you’re in town for a game.

Finally, a new innovation has come to one of the iconic buildings on campus.

  • I’m a College of Comm grad, and a ComRadio alumnus. I am both jealous, and pleased that these students will get to work in these new spaces. In terms of nostalgia though, it will be hard to drive by Innovation Park and not think about the ComRadio studios...