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Only John Gilmore Until Penn State Football

Going back into the archives for 85 days.

Tom Ward #30/John Gilmore #85

With nobody on the current roster rocking the No. 85 jersey and without a name instantly popping into my head, I had to do a little research via Nittany Anthology before stumbling upon John Gilmore. Some of you slightly older fans may remember Gilmore, as he suited up at tight end for Penn State from 1998-2001, earning a total of 58 catches for 634 yards and three touchdowns. He would go on to be drafted by the Saints in the sixth round of the 2002 NFL Draft before ultimately getting cut and ending up on the Chicago Bears later that year, where he would play from 2002-2007 before moving on to the Buccaneers and spending 2008-2010 in Tampa Bay. Gilmore ultimately would retire after the 2011 season in New Orleans with the team where it all began.

Today, John is the founder and executive director of Brandthumb, a consulting agency for brand strategy and communications.