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SWH Wants Sean Lee to Take Over for Tony Romo

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Dallas Cowboys Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

One of Penn State’s best linebackers in recent memory is ready for his next chapter.

  • I want Sean to replace Tony Romo. There, I said it. Initially I actually liked how Romo came across as an analyst, but his tendency to predict what is coming is just annoying now. (Yes, I realize he would probably be on the second broadcast team. Just let me enjoy the fantasy.) If it falls through, maybe considering the LB coach (and eventually DC?) at PSU...

Speaking of former Nittany Lions, a star wide receiver gets the focus he deserves.

  • Here’s the actual column. I always want to hear more from Chris, so getting this bit of backstory and insight was awesome. He’s a guy who has his head on straight and knows what he’s about, which I admire him for.

Now let’s turn from the past of the program to the are some players Penn State should push for in 2022.

  • I am not anywhere close to the knowledge of recruiting that others on staff possess, but Dennis-Sutton and Singleton are two names I have heard a lot about.

Remember one of those analysts James Franklin hired? Oh, Goodbye.

(Insert South Park “Anddd it’s gone” GIF here)

  • Have fun in Arkansas!

The wrestling squad looks to reload after losing two of their talented grapplers.

  • Don’t you wish all of Penn State’s teams could do this?

Finally, I hope you’ve enjoyed our debate about college football’s postseason. Here’s what the Collegian thinks about everything.