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SWH is Already at Full Capacity

Auburn will be in for a packed house.

LaVar Arrington Portrait

ICYMI...we back in the stands.

  • I’m still a little nervous about it at this point, ngl. Hopefully I’ll feel differently come August. Here’s how the players and coaches feel about fans returning (it’s what you expected).

Speaking of football season, let’s look back at the history of the first game of the season for Jimbo.

  • Lots of close games, and lots of routs...I would be fine with a 14-17 point victory, just saying. :) (but I’ll take a 30-point win if you got it!)

A trio of former Nittany Lions are in the running for one of college football’s highest honors.

  • It would be absolutely criminal if all of these guys didn’t make it (especially Poz and LaVar). I wasn’t old enough to watch older Wis play, but I’ve heard good things.

Outside of Happy Valley...

Oklahoma is perturbed about the kickoff time for their showdown with Big Red.

  • Yes, 11 AM is an early time to play a football game, but also...TV rules all, and everyone knows it. Also, getting help from a conference like the Big 12 doesn’t mean as much as it used to-maybe start contending more for titles, and Fox will listen?

Another ICYMI, a basketball legend (he said begrudgingly as a fan of their rival) will step down after this season.

  • No matter how much I hate Duke and he has ruined many a UNC season, Coach K has meant a lot to the game. Just imagine the 2022-23 season with no Coach K or Roy Williams (yes, I know he is already retired).

Have you wanted to get a degree in A.I.? Now’s your chance...

  • I have to be honest, I’ve always been very creeped out by artificial intelligence...they learn too quickly.