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Only Nick Dawkins Until Penn State Football

66 days!

Courtesy Nick Dawkins Twitter

We’ve reached the only day on the 69-60 days portion of the countdown featuring a current player on the roster. Nick Dawkins did not see any game action during the 2020 season, but he was named Developmental Player of the Week three times. Perhaps with a full offseason working under Dwight Galt’s strength and conditioning program, he can end up working himself high enough on the depth chart to see the field in 2021.

While you might know by now that Nick’s dad is the late Darryl Dawkins, you may not know that his cousin is Karl-Anthony Towns, the former Kentucky and now currently Minnesota Timberwolves star forward. Perhaps if things don’t pan out with football, the 6’4” 312-pound Dawkins could become the second coming of Jamelle Cornley for the basketball team (undersized but bulky guy who can bang down low with guys several inches taller).