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SWH is Considering Rooting for Alabama

Only on offense though.

Minnesota Vikings v Houston Texans Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

Here’s a preview of one of the newest members of Penn State men’s basketball.

  • I can’t be the only one who thought of Jamelle Cornley at least a little bit when seeing his name, right? (I probably am.)

Yet another media outlet predicts how Penn State will finish this fall.

  • I know we are all about the 15-0 or GTFO here, but the record seems possible. Maybe flip the Auburn and Iowa results...but we can save the deep dive into the schedule for our season prediction post in August.

Curious about how the football coaches fared in their playing days?

  • Although Stubblefield is the only one I remember watching play college football, it is always comforting to know that position coaches were at least somewhat successful on the field. Of course you don’t have to be an All-American to coach, but it certainly lends credibility.

Since everyone loved this so much...Joey Porter isn’t the only Nittany Lion that Ohio State is scared to face this season. It may not be who you think!

  • Which BSD writer from the mines of Bespin enjoys writing teases like this? Click the link above to find out!
  • I promise I’ll try not to be overly click-baity in the future. I really don’t want to annoy you all.

Tidbits from outside Happy Valley:

Speaking of Ohio Indiana more of a threat than their long-time rival?

  • I mean, yes...right? At least in the short-term...

The Crimson Tide have put together a little primer of their future offensive coordinator, and they seem pretty positive about him!

  • I usually don’t like it when Bama is wrecking teams every week, but maybe this season I won’t mind as much.

Finally, here’s an visual on Noah Cain’s road to recovery: