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Midweek Musings - How Will PSU Fare this Season (Pt. 4)

Last quarter of the season, how do the Lions close it out?

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

On Monday we continued our group effort to determine how the populace feels the Nittany Lions will do this season.

Take a look for yourselves to see how the third round of voting played out:

By the widest margin to date, the populace believes that Penn State will go 2-1 in the third 3-game-stretch of the season, going 2-1 in the Illinois-Ohio State-Maryland series, and hitting 7-2 on the season as the calendar turns to November. A solid win against the Illini doesn’t provide enough of a morale boost to overcome the Buckeyes, but the team rebounds and exacts revenge against the Terrapins.

A 7-2 record could be a bit of a disappointment, but there are still some pretty lofty goals that could be attained. How does the team do through the final three games? Let’s find out!

Week 10 - vs Michigan

Penn State is probably still in the top 15, but its Big Ten title hopes have been foiled. Do they have the ability to close out the last few weeks of the season strong?

Michigan had a bit of a rough go last season, but are still a talented team. In mid-November, could a White Out be in the cards?

Week 11 - vs Rutgers

Look I hate to say this, but Rutgers is actually getting better. Will they ever be consistent B1G East challengers? Tough to say, but I doubt it. But can they consistently get into the 6-7-8 win category? Yeah, I think so, at least as long as Greg Schiano stays in Piscataway.

If Penn State stumbles against Michigan, could Rutgers pile on, as the Lions tuck their tails heading toward the post season? Or would the talent gap just keep the Scarlet Knights at bay regardless?

Week 12 - at Michigan State

Conversely, Michigan State is just not in a good spot right now, and I don’t see it necessarily getting better any time soon. The Spartans were pretty terrible on both sides of the ball last year, and didn’t really bring in a ton of new talent to fix that issue.

That being said, if the Lions are broken and battered, heading on the road to end the season could just have them closing out the year with a losing-streak. Or, perhaps, the talent gap is even more evident than the game against Rutgers, and Penn State can just skate to an easy win to end the year.

What say you? Take the poll below, and try to bear in mind the week-to-week impacts of one game on another. The Lions at this point are 7-2, and have almost assuredly lost any chance at a Big Ten Championship. They’re likely a top 15 team, but we saw the team fold last year after some adversity. Can the team stay focused to the end of the year, and shoot for double-digit wins? Or will they trip and fall a few more times before the season winds to an end.

Let’s see just how well you think the Lions will fare in 2021 when all is said and done.


What will Penn State’s record be in the final 3-game batch of the season?

This poll is closed

  • 87%
    3-0 (10-2 on the season)
    (307 votes)
  • 9%
    2-1 (9-3)
    (34 votes)
  • 1%
    1-2 (8-4)
    (4 votes)
  • 1%
    0-3 (7-5)
    (7 votes)
352 votes total Vote Now