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Only Bucky Greeley Until Penn State Football

Whomst? I do not know!

Bucky Greeley

Less than two full months until kick off!

That’s right, we have just 60 days until the start of the first real Penn State football season until 2019.

This means that we’re going to celebrate a former Nittany Lions No. 60, Bucky Greeley. I’ll be real with y’all, I have no idea whomst this man is. As someone was born in in 1992, I am not aware of many Penn Staters who graduated in 1994 unless that were standouts.

To his credit,Greeley came to PSU from Luzerne County, PA, where he was all-state at center (and lettered in baseball and wrestling, in addition to football). He was a captain on the undefeated 1994 PSU team, and a second team all-Big Ten center for said season.

After leaving Penn State, Greeley went undrafted but spent a bit of the 1995 preseason with the Bears. He bounced back, landing with former teammate Collins in Carolina in 1996 - where he was cut and brought back three times before finally becoming the team’s starter.

He wrapped up his career in 1998 following a significant injury.