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SWH is Getting Freaky

Context, people.

Michigan State v Penn State Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

Given Penn State football’s challenging start to the season, it’s not surprising that the coaching staff is ratcheting things up.

  • Check out Patrick’s prediction on how those first three games will end up...
  • I’m all for coaches and players never being satisfied. You know who else wasn’t ever satisfied? Hamilton. History had its eyes on him, that guy.

In more somber news, the college football world lost a legend this past Sunday, and James Franklin shared his thoughts.

  • It is remarkable that this guy survived one type of cancer, only to be diagnosed with a second type. RIP.

The Nittany Lions’ own AD will join a group trying to “reshape” college sports.

  • Hot take, but anything under the NCAA umbrella will probably not do a whole lot of good.
  • Is it worth calling it “college sports” anymore? Semi-pro sports? Advanced amateur sports? We’ll have to see.

Two Penn State football players have been recognized for their measurables and versatility.

  • I’m a little surprised at the 30-player drop for Brisker.
  • Special shoutout to former Nittany Lion Shane Simmons for appearing on the list as well.

Finally, speaking of Brandon Smith, he’s excited about this year.

  • Opponents should be scared that he was bored at times last year. Full potential Brandon Smith is the best kind.