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Only John Cappelletti Until Penn State Football

Today, we take a look at Penn State’s lone Heisman Trophy winner


You know how you get away with wearing that shirt? You do it by being the only Heisman Trophy Winner in Penn State history.

That honor, my friends, falls to John Cappelletti, who we’ll celebrate today as we’re just 22 days away from the start of the 2021 Penn State football.

Sure, I never saw Cappelletti play, but I’m comfortable saying he’s probably not the best back in Penn State football history. In fact, there’s a legitimate argument that he may not even be in the top five!

But y’know what? Doesn’t matter, because he’s got the little stiff arm-y statue thing and that, friends, is cool as heck.

Cappelletti was utterly dominant in 1973, rushing for 1,522 yards and 17 touchdowns on just 286 carries, averaging 5.32 yards per carry. His gaudy numbers, combined with a perfect 12-0 season in which they finished ranked fifth in the country (a farce), led Cappelletti to the Heisman as well as the Maxwell Award, the Walter Camp Award and the UPI College Football Player of the Year.

Here’s to you, John Cappelletti, wear your very seventies shirts with pride.