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SWH is Eating Bananas With the Peel


China’s Economy Photo by Hao Qunying/VCG via Getty Images

Kentucky’s new starting quarterback: Will Levis!

  • Mark Stoops called an end to the Wildcats’ quarterback competition by naming Will Levis the starter. Stoops said very simply, “He won the job.”
  • I’m happy for Levis. I can’t say I was in love with how much Levis we saw in 2020, but big kid, tough player. We’ll see how the season goes, but glad that he’ll get the chance to start.
  • Oh, and we’ll always have the “Will the Thrill” moment from the Ohio State game.

Sticking with Levis, he apparently eats bananas like this.

  • I love bananas. Basically whenever I have a health problem, my solution is always to eat a banana. Who needs a doctor when you have bananas?
  • I can’t say I get the whole idea of eating a banana with the peel on though. Granted, I chipped my front tooth a couple years back and can’t chomp down on this like that anyway, but I don’t really see the...appeal...of eating it that way regardless.
  • Did you get the pun? Did you get it? Appeal. Because I am talking about banana peels. Appeal. Peel. Do you get it?
  • If this article gets 300+ comments, I’ll eat a banana with the peel on for the blog.

In campus news, the White Loop is back!

  • Apparently the White Loop didn’t run last year — you know, COVID and all that — but Penn State announced that the White Loop aka the Whoop will return starting August 21.
  • I don’t have any other thoughts on this. Uh...anyone remember Boom Box Guy? I think he rode the White Loop. What a weird schtick — guy just rides around on campus buses with a boom box. Try explaining that one to someone who didn’t go to Penn State.